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ProtonMail deletes "we don't log your IP" after French activist arrested

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Personally, I don't see anything wrong with what ProtonMail did. They followed the law. An argument could be made that the law(s) should be changed. But they complied as they were legally required to do. And if the person of interest had been a little more careful about masking his IP address, ProtonMail would not have had anything useful to give to the authorities.

ProtonMail still didn't give the contents of the emails to the authorities, because they can't! And if you have read through their FAQs, etc., they were always very explicit (at least in English) in saying which info could be gleaned and which info was encrypted/protected from outsiders (which includes ProtonMail).
-Deozaan (September 09, 2021, 04:24 PM)
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Oh, I totally agree. What people are up in arms about is the fact that this isn't displayed more prevalently. IMO, if you're going to be doing something where privacy is a need rather than a convenience, you should be reading the terms and such a bit closer in any case.

I use ProtonMail, it's a great service and will continue to do so. I agree that they didn't do anything wrong.

Here is a transcript of data that has to be logged in Europe: link   See item: article 5, section 1, subsection (a)

This data has an can be stored for 6 months to 2 years, depending on national law of EU members. And yes, there is GDPR, which makes sure user rights on privacy are more respected. But that was a 2016 ruling, that had to written in law by 2018, but that doesn't mean implementation of that law is enacted upon in 2018. There might be a provision inside that companies have to comply as fast as they are able, because of a pandemic there may have been a shortage on people working on this, there are not enough people to check if companies comply and/or deliver fines, etc.

As not all members of the EU are shining examples of humanitarian progress, who knows how long meta date like IP addresses and date/time are not logged in those countries.

I agree that it is still a good service. I was just pointing out that if you are under the eye of a govt agency, there is little that a company can do to protect you.

Does someone recall reading in the fine print somewhere, Proton Mail explicitly mention that unless the Swiss gov.t or their security service formally asks for this info. that they would never share anything to compromise our privacy?


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