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New and Old Clips not showing

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Using alpha version 2.55.0, it shows: You have a newer version of ClipboardHelpAndSpell (v2.55.1) than what's on the web (v2.46.1).

Is there a setting that disables New and Old clips under the Clipboard section? This used to work just fine but now I am not showing anything.

New and Old Clips not showing

And if you copy something new to the clipboard, it still doesn't show in the New group?
If you keep the window open while copying some text, do you see anything? do you hear the clipboard copy sound?
I assume you've exited the program and restarted it?

One way that can happen to have your sections blank is if you have a search filter set -- but i can see from your screenshot that you don't.


Here's a video, sound and all. Thanks, mouser.

Eh? Any ideas?

How strange.  It looks like it's have some trouble with your clip database - like maybe it's not even getting past it's original startup.

A couple things I would do:
1. exit CHS and manually backup your entire CHS data directory (by default under your documents).

2. Then startup chs and go to the Backup Maintenance tab of option (it's near the end).
3. Try doing a very/repair/optimize action (upper right button).
4. Maybe try turning off the Backup on Program Start) ..

It seems like it's getting stuck somewhere in the startup process.  This could be an antivirus blocking access to the database, or something else misconfigured.

THe other thing to try for sanity is to download CHS portable version and run that in a new directory, make sure everything works as expected with a clean install.


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