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Single click Nuke, to CLEAR ALL, both Clips and Recycle Bin


For security and privacy reasons, people want to clear the entire Clip List and empty the Recycle Bin, so no one can open Clipboard Help+Spell thereafter to quickly see what was being copied by someone else.

Won't you please consider a single Nuke one click option, that clears every copied item, both from the Clip List and the Recycle Bin?

That's not a bad idea -- I get the idea why that would be useful.
I wouldn't want to make it a simple button, but I could add a function for this in a menu, to clear the contents, release the database file, and then overwrite the database files.

However, I think if you are in a position where you might need to do this, you probably have (or could make) a batch file or script that does other things.  And the proper thing to do with respect to CHS is:
a) terminate the app
b) WIPE (not just delete but use a wipe tool to overwrite) the entire CHS data directory, which would include the CHS database as well as the image file store, and the backups.

It's always a bit nervewracking to write code that does serious permanent deletion, for fear of a mistake causing people to lose data unintentionally.  Maybe someone could share their scripts or tools for this.

Scripted Wipes and program termination would be going the extra step individuals can take. Reasonable normal program functionality would be a right click option for

Delete All Clips + Empty Recycle Bin

There shouldn't be concern about this function being default available, but all right, legitimate concerns can easily be addressed:

Rather than by default then... in options... maybe have a CHECK box to ENABLE this right click option, and another CHECK box to DISABLE any ARE YOU SURE? options, because I can just see the "ARE YOU SURE?" being thrown in, defeating the purpose of a QUICK nuke option which would simply

Delete All Clips + Empty Recycle Bin

with a single click. No other prompts, and if someone chooses to go OUT OF THEIR WAY, to enable this option, maybe we shouldn't worry about them accidentally emptying their Clipboard history?  :) :D
Maybe they'll be real happy about having what they actually chose to enable...

This is a fantastic program that I love so much I have a middle mouse click button assigned to display the Clipboard History.
People sometimes have browser add-ons that copy to clipboard *everything* they highlighted, for superfast computing reasons.
So it's a major pain clearing clipboard history every time they visit... ;)
Thank you for making this program.

Right now when you double click on the Clipboard Help+Spell icon, and go to Clipboard, you can CTRL+A to delete everything from Clipboard.
Then you have to Right click on Recycle Bon and then Empty Recycle Bin to finally remove everything.

However, the last clip is still VISIBLE so you have to select and copy a random item to finally remove that last clip from the program.

This is a lengthy and cumbersome multi-step procedure.

Like this:

Single click Nuke, to CLEAR ALL, both Clips and Recycle Bin


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