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Question, suspicion of a keylogger

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Steven Avery:
Wilders is still the king of security discussion.

LMT AntiMalware (Formerly - LMT Anti Logger)

Wilders - Good security apps for protecting against keyloggers? (2018)

SpyShelter - good notes about it

KeyScrambler - creates lag ?

Zemana in cold storage

"Almost all modern AV (with BB or HIPS) protect against keyloggers"
"I no longer use any Anti-Keylogger since they all had it's issues and I don't have much money."
"Anti-loggers were popular when HIPS and BB were too complicated for basic users, now that BB are everywhere and easy to use, Anti-loggers started to die."
Binisoft Windows Firewall Control is now in Malwarebytes

Test Outbound Firewall


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