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Question about (laptop) battery management software


Lolipop Jones:
Somewhere in the last few months, I saw info about a resident battery utility that could automatically turn on and off charging at user selected levels, so that for example the battery would always stay within 15 and 85 percent of capacity.

I am unable to remember the name or where I found it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

It would need to work with either Win 7 or 10, as I do most of my computing on a Win 7 VM running in a Win 10 host.


I know Dell has a power setting to optimise battery life but I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to have a generic program that could do it.

Windows can't control the battery charging without some form of hardware driver and that's likely to be manufacturer specific.
You can check your laptop manufacturer's support section for such a program but then it's likely to have fixed settings.

Best option if you want to control the charge levels, get a WiFi controlled switch, plug the charger into it, and use a battery level monitoring program/script to tell the switch to turn the charger on/off at set levels.

If I understood correctly, this link goes to software that notifies you when your battery hits the percentages you set. Then it is up to you to do the disconnecting from the charger.

Not exactly what you want, but close.

Further to WiFi controlled plug:

Two projects to control a TP-Link power plug via PowerShell which could run on the Windows 10 host.

Also some autohotkey info on monitoring battery status that could possibly be used with Wifi plugs over here:


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