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New Review (07/11/05) - Image Management Tool Shootout - PLUS IMPORTANT INFO!


The final review of Image Management Tools is now up, written by our very own guest reviewer, Nudone:


Ok guys, we need your help with something new and important.  this is the second review written by a guest reviewer (the first was tenseiken's excellent review of ftp servers).  today's review was written by nudone (also along with tenseiken a blog columnist here).

But this review marks the introduction of a new feature on our site.

In an effort to reward and recognize the contribution of people who write content for the site, we are asking you to please, please, consider making a small donation directly to the author of this review.

You will see on the reivew page in the left sidebar and on very top and bottom of the review, a little $ symbol.  Click on that to view nudone's donation page and from there you can make a paypal donation to him very easily.

Even if you only donate $1 that's fine.  and if you don't have a dollar to spare, send him an email telling him how much you like his work.

The point is, we need your help in encouraging an atmosphere and attitude here where we all take seriously the idea of makeing microdonations every once and a while to people who contribute to this site.

This is the future of this site - the way we can grow and bring more people here and encourage more people to add new content.  if you like what we are doing, and the idea of voluntary donations, please put your money where your ideals are and show nudone a little bit of love for his work.  he's been contributing to this site every week with his blog columns, and he's never asked for anything in return.

And to new members who haven't yet joined the site by making a donation - please earmark a couple of the dollars you would normally have donated to the site and save it so you can donate it to individual authors.

We need you help to make this new idea work; we're not asking for much, just an occasional dollar or two to support those people who are adding content to the site, to show them how much they are appreciated and demonstrate that this approach to building a volunteer donation-based community can work!

i've updated tenseiken's ftp server review with the link to his new donation page on

tenseiken was the very first person to volunteer to do a guest review, and it wouldn't be fair for him to miss out on any donation love.

here's the pointer to his ftp server review in case you missed it:

Actually i've now updated all of the donation pages to highlight the new idea of donating to individual authors, and the info page about it now contains direct links to all individual authors you can donate to.  This page will be updated as new people contribute to the site:


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