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1Password 8 will be subscription only and won’t support local vaults


Why can we not have an explicit statement about 1Password being a subscription-only service? — 1Password Support Community

* The next generation of 1Password apps will take full advantage of (including .ca🇨🇦 & .eu🇪🇺) and as such will require a subscription to use 🔐
* Those with a standalone license can trade in their license for a special discount on a new 1Password membership 🙌🏼
* Gift cards are available for those who don’t have a credit card or prefer non-recurring payments ✌️


It’s an unfortunate direction they’re all going in lately.

But for me, the dealbreaker would be no local vaults.  If the only place a piece of software will allow me to store my data is on their website then that’s the moment we part company.

But it’s sorta moot anyway.

Because, if you’re using a non-secure GUI like Win10 you’re at risk because Windows tends to leave any plaintext passwords you display to the screen in memory for awhile. And there are sleeper malware trojans specifically designed to exploit that design flaw. It’s something that (AFAIK) affects every password manager running under Windows. And Microsoft has been aware of that problem for a long time. Sadly, there’s still no fix in sight last I checked.

I got 3 clients hacked with password related stuff, in the last 30 days.

Not sure about trojans or other breaches but it's scary.


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