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I bought an Oculus Quest and I'm blown away by the current state of VR

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Thanks Shades.
What I'm actually interested in tho is whether 3D photos look good or not using the Quest 2.
Obviously, they'd look better than on the Go model, but I'm wondering about other's subjective opinions.
 I'm getting the impression photo viewing has ceased to be much of an attraction for users in general.

What is a 3D photo? Is that like a panorama/spherical photo that you can look around in many directions?

yes. Except in every photo I take, since I don't want to be in it, I have the camera directly over my head, so looking down, all you see is grey hair unless I edit it out.

They are offering $60 credit to referrer and referree to anyone who buys an oculus and activates it before the end of december -- that's pretty substantial.

So if you're planning to buy one, find a friend who has one to exchange a referral -- or message me, I'm happy to do it :)


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