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I bought an Oculus Quest and I'm blown away by the current state of VR

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So I bought an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset ($300 amazon).

I was just blown away by the experience.  Both the quality of the experience inside the VR world, and also how painless the whole process is.
It's a standalone device, no need for cables to a computer (essentially powered by a phone-grade android cpu).

I have not been keeping up with the progress in VR technology.  I'm still in shock how cool the experience is.  I think we are going to see mass adoption of this stuff in the coming years.  As someone who is not really a video gamer and is mostly a board gamer, I really do think this is all going to change with VR.  Very cool stuff.

(I've decided to try some tinkering with coding for it using Unity).

Thanks mouser for the info.

The link shows ready made animation. Can you record a video of what you see using the vr ?

Say in around the garden/house and virtual things along with real ones, if possible. This will give us better idea of it.



Isn't this the version that requires you to have a Facebook account?

My only experience has been my Playstation VR, and I love it- however the motion cap on first person shooter type of games makes my head hurt after a while like the first Doom did back in the day. Of course, just like then, I fight my way through because it's just so fun. One game to look into is Star Wars Squadrons. I love the way they integrated the 3D with the controls. It's a pretty awesome experience.

You do need a facebook account (yuck), but you could just create one solely for this purpose.

anandcoral - It's not really doing AR (Augmented Reality), so it's not about showing you the real world with stuff added.

There are features for broadcasting what you see to a tablet for others to watch or record.


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