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An Exercise Reminder app (in Autohotkey)


A couple of months ago I ran across an article on workplace exercises, specifically stretching exercises you can do at work or at home. The articles pictures demonstrated how to do each exercise and for how long. I decided that, as an IT professional, this was something many of us can benefit from. The resulting application was written in Autohotkey.

The major groups are: hands, legs, shoulders, neck and back. To these groups, I added Eye exercises and reminders for Aerobics and Circuit Training. The Setup screen shows all of the options users can choose from.

I have posted much more about the application at Exercises Reminder App and hope some of you will check it out and give me feedback.

An Exercise Reminder app (in Autohotkey)

Looks nice!  :up:

 I was looking to try this out and discovered there is a new version, however I cannot find where to download it.   Looks like there was some page restructuring from this post

Is the download still available?

^ there's a download link at the top of the page linked to in the OP (?)

^ there's a download link at the top of the page linked to in the OP (?)
-tomos (December 13, 2021, 11:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

You are correct.  However, it is from 2016. There is a newer version here but the download link does currently work.  When diving a little deeper there is a post about restructuring the program downloads on the website.   

I have no idea how different the 2016 version is from the later version.  It might be that there is little difference. 


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