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Sandboxie: Would you recommend switching to Sandboxie Plus?



I am using the Sandboxie fork from Xanasoft:

There are two versions:
a.) Sandboxie which has the same UI than the old Sandboxie
b.) Sandboxie Plus which uses a QT interface that has more settings for the newer features Xanasoft has developped.

I have not been using Sandboxie+ yet, but I am thinking of switching.

Does anybody have any experience with Sandboxie Plus and would like to share it?

If your CPU supports virtualization and you’re running Win10 Pro or Enterprise, Microsoft already has a built-in sandbox you can use. No need to go with 3rd-party software as long as you just want to use it as a secure test environment.

If you want to keep snapshots of your sandboxed installs, or have additional features available to use, then Sandboxie Plus is a good alternative.

Just the same, I have Sandboxie Plus installed on the sole remaining Windows Pro PC in our home purely for its convenience and feature set and it works just fine for us.


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