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Windows 11 Announced

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Arizona Hot:
Windows 11 Announced

Windows 11: Give yourself more time to roll back the upgrade

Wish MS would stop putting the OS at the same level of a browser.

OS needs to be stable and not changing every x months.

OS doesn't need need new experimental bells and whistles every x amount of months.

Nor does a browser.

I still use linux on my home server, VPS, and in VMs that I spin up for various reasons.  It's phenomenal for many workloads, but desktop is not one of them.
-cthorpe (October 07, 2021, 11:47 AM)
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Oh it's not all that bad :huh: - I very, very seldom switch over to my windows partition, and that's pretty much just to play No Man's Sky nothing to do with desktop discomfort :)

Nor does a browser.
-Tuxman (January 30, 2022, 01:49 PM)
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I wonder if a reason for updating is that it feels spiffier for a month or so after an update.  It seems like every time I update Opera it streams video without buffering until the newness wears off.  Then I have to switch to Edge until the next Opera update.


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