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Windows 11 Announced

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At the last minute, Microsoft provides a path to upgrading unsupported hardware to Windows 11 (via codeproject ->

First off, we want to talk about some support pages. On the new "Ways to install Windows 11" support page, Microsoft mentions installing Windows 11 on a device that does not meet the minimum system requirements. It highlights how you can use a registry hack (and actually provides the registry settings) to bypass the TPM and CPU checks in the Windows 11 Installation Assistant:

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Are they already feeling the pressure? I guess the answer is "sort of"...

This makes it clear that it is, in fact, possible to run Windows 11 on any hardware. Yet, a second support page also explains what might happen if you do so. It explains that it is not recommended, and the device might malfunction. Microsoft also makes it clear that "devices that do not meet these system requirements will no longer be guaranteed to receive updates," So there it is.
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Not really sure what they're thinking or why not just back off these inane requirements and make them optional.

There's more on the page confirming that it does indeed work. Unfortunately, I can't leave MS behind. And even when I tried just for home, I found the experience "less than" for both Linux and Mac.

Even something as simple as GIMP is a far cry from Windows equivalents (and I don't mean just Photoshop, others too like Affinity). I have spent the past few years dual booting or having one on a computer and the other on another. Linux for desktop is not a replacement unfortunately. Hasn't gotten much closer either ... in my opinion, others can of course feel differently.
As another example, closing laptop lid when full screen video running may or may not make the laptop go to sleep. I have posted and sought out support about it ... but even support can solve an issue like this, my opinion is and will be based on how a system/OS/software acts in a default install.

I doubt I will attempt workarounds to get Win11 but Win10 will be my main OS for a while yet.

The Verge reviews Windows 11

I installed Windows 11 via “Windows Insider” just before it became public and oh dear, isn’t it ugly?

I used various flavors of Linux as my sole desktop and laptop OS for maybe 2 years.  I think I spent more time dealing with annoying issues than actually working on my work. 

A couple of months ago I threw in the towel and went back to Win 10.  When I sit down to work on my computer, it just works.  When I want to install something, it just works.  All of my hardware just works.

My desktop isn't compatible with Win 11.  If it lasts long enough to see the end of Win 10 updates, I'll probably do the registry hack to put Win 11 on it.

My current laptop is a recent purchase of a high end Lenovo business machine.  It passes all the checks with flying colors.  I'm still going to wait for a bit before taking the plunge there.

I still use linux on my home server, VPS, and in VMs that I spin up for various reasons.  It's phenomenal for many workloads, but desktop is not one of them.


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