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Windows 11 Announced

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Well, I had heard the rumors and even the "confirmations" of the leaks, but I had assumed that the "Windows 11" moniker was just an internal name since Microsoft has said that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows ever. But it seems they're actually calling it Windows 11.

They had a big, hour long presentation today, which I didn't watch. But I did watch this trimmed down to about 7-minutes version from the Verge:

It looks like user interface fashion is repeating the cycle. We went from flat rectangles, to curved edges, to transparency ("glass") effects, back to flat rectangles, and now Windows 11 is taking us back to curves and transparency effects. And every time they change it they say it is more "modern" than the last iteration. :-\

Some companies who are just joining the flat theme bandwagon are going to be left behind again. For example, Unity just overhauled their whole UI to be flat within the past couple of years. I wonder how long it will take them to go back to curves.

blech, i prefer square sharp edges and no transparency  :down:

I also didn't like how it opened up with "[Windows 11's Start button] is cloud-powered."

Maybe Microsoft was right about Windows 10... It may be the last version of Windows for me. I may finally make the move to Linux once Windows 10 reaches EOL if Windows 11 integrates too many cloud-powered, "software as a service" type subscription centered annoyances.

I also didn't like how it opened up with "[Windows 11's Start button] is cloud-powered."
-Deozaan (June 24, 2021, 10:47 PM)
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wouldn't that make it vapour ware?


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