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shortcut keys not working

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I have installed Screenshot Captor and it automatically starts with windows. I want it to stay minimized, which is does. But the shortcut keys don't work. I have to make Screenshot Captor visible on the screen and navigate to Capture, grab selected region to be able to make a screenshot. How can I make the shortcuts working so that I can make a partial screenshot, just by typing Shift+PtrScr, even when the window of Screenshot Captor is not visible?

By default, what you want is how it normally works.
Are you running SSC using the Run as Administrator option? (Can be set at the shortcut, manually) or use a replacemant tool for UAC (as deployed in some corporate controled computers)

If I run ssc with full administrator rights, the behaviour is still the same. I can only capture something bij clicking on one of the menu items like 'Grab selected Region'. The shortcut 'Shift+PrtScr' does nothing. I have not used a replacement tool for UAC.

The first question was the other way around; Is your screenshotcaptor running with administrator rights by accident? In that way it can't intercept the hotkeys from your normal windows user-session.

Try customizing some of the hotkeys in SC -- do they work?
The most likely culprit is another program grabbing those hotkeys.  For example Microsoft's OneDrive application is the most notorious one for grabbing PrtScr key without warning.


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