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Humble Bundle: Learn You More Python


This is more "from the ground up" than the previous Python Humble Bundle I posted. (Oh and I just noticed this is not the only active Python bundle on the site. Search the Humble Bundle site for Python if you're interested, that one looks more advanced/specialized than this one.)

Up to 15 No Starch Press Python books at $1, $10, $18 levels

Humble and No Starch Press are bringing you the best and brightest information on Python programming with our newest bundle! If you’ve always wanted to automate, code, and program your way to a more effective and efficient digital life, ebooks like Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, 2nd Edition, and Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python will help you get there! Plus, your purchase helps support the Python Software Foundation and the No Starch Press Foundation!

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