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What's the future of OneNote?

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irc 365 saves notebook on OneDrive
In 2016, using the same account, you can access the cloud file and then save it locally.
-Dormouse (June 04, 2021, 04:28 AM)
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Well, it's not quite that clearcut. They've changed OneNote 2016 to be OneNote for Desktop. They have a OneNote app on the Windows 10 store and that one doesn't know anything about local notebooks. I think they've changed directions and are not getting rid of the desktop version.

From the help:

Our product names for OneNote on Windows have recently changed. Throughout this article, “OneNote” now refers to the Windows desktop version (previously called “OneNote 2016”), and “OneNote for Windows 10” refers to the Microsoft Store app that’s available only on Windows 10.
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I guess this is in response to all of the feedback (blowback) they received about their decision to do away with local notebooks.

I see.  I could see that working. Are you actually  typing into the pdf forms fields?
-sphere (June 05, 2021, 10:36 AM)
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I'm usually using ink. Sometimes I'll use callouts and type in those to notate things.


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