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Anyone using Macrium Reflect Free 8 yet? Impressions?


Anyone using Macrium Reflect Free 8 yet?  Impressions?

I have been using Reflect Free v.7 to back up my laptop thing.  It only has 32GB of storage so just saving the whole thing is no big deal.  But I am curious if the v.8 of Free has any new bells and whistles.  Also I wonder if it is stable already.   ;D

Hmmm when downloading Reflect 8 Free you actually get v7 free.  Pretty weird.   :down:

Ok.  It seems the work-around is install Reflect 8 Home 30 day trial.  If you do not buy it them the program reverts to Reflect 8 Free Edition features.  I just tried it.  It ran comperably to 7 free speed and file size wise.  Also has a dark mode.  One of the new features in v. 8 Free is the ability to load image files into Virtual Box.


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