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Restore an Acronis Image in other pc

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I have restored an acronis tib from the laptop to the desktop.
All seems well except one little detail.
When I try to shutdown my pc only is reinitiating
No error messages.

OS. Windows 10 home
Drivers in the laptop. I will give a complete list.

In safe mode I can shutdown the pc without problem.
with the shutdown commanda and this modifiers I can shutdown the system : shutdown /p /f

Drivers in the desktop. I will give a complete list. After installed the new drivers from Asus.

Best Regards

these are the drivers from the laptop

These are the drivers from the pc desktop

I would perform an In-place Upgrade considering you've just completely changed hardware.

  These are the drivers from the desktop

The forum don't allow me to insert a txt file.
What wrong ?

I don't understand why the txt file is not attached as the first.

I just cannot attach the txt file in the forum.

Best Regards
I will try to put as a link to my google drive.


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