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Enfolder - Move a group of files/directories into a new custom folder (v0.1.0)

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Enfolder v0.1.0

Select a group of files/directories to move into a new custom-named folder.

Made for Jasong222 from

Original thread: Idea: 'Enfolder'- Select a group of files, right click, select 'Enfolder', Windo

Source code: Enfolder @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 (Native to Windows 8+)


[*]Add/remove enfolder menu instantly.
[*]Subfolder naming with suggestion based on current DateTime.
[*]Custom folder selection.
[*]Full path and total count of files and folders.
[*]Errors file support..

Day #128, Week #18 @ May 08, 2021


[*]Jesse Reichler (A.K.A. Mouser from
[*]Your name here? :)

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I can use this. One question about adding a feature.

I could also use an option to move to folder and each file would be moved to a folder from the name of the file.

I can use this. One question about adding a feature.

I could also use an option to move to folder and each file would be moved to a folder from the name of the file.
-nickodemos (May 09, 2021, 08:26 AM)
--- End quote ---

Roger that Nick. It gets included in next version (v0.2.0) :) Thanks for participating! :-*

Ok, so I've spent a couple days with the program and overall I love it.  It does what I want it to, and I've already used it in 'real situations', not just testing.

As I wrote in PM, I love the 'extra touches'- the uninstaller, the files/directories count, the readme/instructions, and of course the fact that it works well so far.

Of course, being who I am, I do have some thoughts.  I'm not decided on these, they're just discussion points at the moment.  And unfortunately, they're in the opposite  direction of Nickodemos.  They're making the program more simple, not expanding functions.


Real quick-  I notice when you click "browse" it goes to.... the 'top' of file explorer and you have to navigate your way around.  For me particularly, I wonder if the window that opens shouldn't start at the directly where the files are and then navigate from there.  Just a thought, and implementing it or not depends on the rest of the conversation.

Basically, I see two immediate functions - save to folder in the same directory OR browse to another folder.  I'm not sure that both of those functions are necessary.  I'm not sure which one I prefer more between -

1- Subfolder.  This is the one I will probably use the most.  I wonder if it would be more simple and aesthically pleasing if as soon as you select 'enfolder' that the 'subfolder' window opens immediately.  Type in a name, save and done.

Also part of this one is- Can't speak to others, but I don't really need the list of files displayed in the window.  I'm used to selecting my files first, and that's a reasonably error-free process.  And even so, I think it might be easier to just go ahead and save these files, and then add/move any missed files later, rather than go back and cancel, reselect or ctrl-select additional files and run enfolder again.


2-Browse.  As I mentioned, personally I think when you hit Browse, it'd be quicker to start at the directory where the files are.  I also notice that this is a file explorer window that has a "New Folder" option.  Would it be easier, or even possible, to use that?  So that the user clicks 'browse', goes to the directory they want, then click new folder, and "OK" will just save the files in that folder?  So you'd skip/remove the 'subfolder' window as the next step after clicking OK.

So I'm thinking about those things.  For my personal workflow.... I think about half the time the stuff I'm Enfoldering stays in the directory where they are.  For the rest... I am in the habit of creating the folder there and then moving it to where I want it to be.  Doesn't mean I have to keep doing it that way, of course.  I'll take some time and 'count the clicks' to see if I can firm up an opinion.

I see other people commenting possible features.  Of course for myself, I'd like to keep it as simple an unobtrusive as possible.  And, it's not my program, I didn't write it.  I would hope though, that if/as features get added, that there remains a 'simple mode' and maybe an 'advanced mode' to keep everyone happy.

Again, just my thoughts, looking forward to discussing them!

OH!  Final thought- I did have a right-click window open once and Enfolder was not visible there.  It was a Windows menu, not chrome, firefox, etc.  I don't recall the situation and haven't seen it repeat yet.  I'll follow up if I notice it again.

Okay! We're going to have separate "Enfolder-inspired" programs :)

One for @Nickodemos with his suggested functionality + the simplified version you have in mind :-* :Thmbsup:

Cheers! :)


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