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Aba search


Just a heads up.

Aba search & replace is on BDJ today.

It's one of my favorite tools, a must have.

Unicode, too.

You should try: FAR

Also search-and-replace software. Although it looks quirky because of it being based on Java, it is really fast. And I mean really fast. What it also does is multi-line search-and-replace. This is what sets it apart for me. And as I am impressed with its speed, I couldn't care less about how quirky it looks.

Java doesn't need to be installed on the system. FAR works when you point it to a copy of a Java installation file set (v1.8 ) without any changes in the file structure. The tool itself isn't large, but having a complete Java copy makes it about as large as an Electron-based application.  :P

Still worth it though. Because of the sheer search-and-replace speed.

As an example:
Had a folder with almost 700 files of different sizes (from 1KByte to 250KByte) each with at least a few multi-line tags that should be replaced with another multi-line tag. Took less than 5 seconds and all files were altered as expected. On a A10 6800 AMD APU processor (3.7GHz), an old 120GByte SSD and 16GByte of DDR3 RAM (1600). That is an old CPU, the SSD is just as old and 3 years ago I replaced the RAM with 2 sticks of 8GByte. Far from a screaming monster. I'm sure most here will have better/faster hardware available, so FAR should perform even better on that hardware than it does on my old clunker.

** edit: added link and example


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