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Need help recreating some music -- full band needed?

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ill find it for you.. or happy to purchase it if there is a good place to get it.
It's "The Odd Couple" by Neal Hefti.

And remember I only need (can only use) about 22 seconds worth.

I found what I needed, thanks. Might have time to think about this on Tuesday. Is 22s the ideal time? or is shorter better?

22s is the ideal time from my perspective, since that's how long the video of the intro lasts and i don't think i want to go any longer in the future.
I can imagine in the future trying to aim for a shorter intro video like 15 seconds.  And I can tweak video length down a bit.  But for now 22 seconds.

Has anyone bought that sheet music? I might try at it.

-ayryq (May 29, 2021, 05:34 PM)
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Musicnotes has several arrangements pretty cheap -

Mouser, I sent you a message with a demo.


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