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I am no twitter-dude, will add optional checkboxes for 'begin with "..."' and 'print page number'.
Those extra data be included to set limit.

Shall both be on extra lines or within start/end of text?

Example (for page 2):
'0123456789' -> '...0123456789 [2/2]'
And does twitter count linebreaks as a wasted character?

Extra lines or not?: could there we an option to choose? (People's styles vary hugely.)

Spaces and paragraph breaks: all count towards the 280 characters.

One issue is that a writer may not know when s/he begins how many tweets will be in the thread. It's a work in progress. So they might opt for any of the following, at the beginning or end of each tweet:

- "1/20" (where they go back and adjust the numbering before publishing)
- "1/x" (where they may, in the final tweet, write something like "19/19", if there are 19 tweets)
- "1 " or "1. " or "1/ " at the beginning or end of a tweet.

Additionally, some writers like to mark their final tweet with "ENDS" or "end/" or even "fin" (for finish).

I suspect it would be impossible to cater for all options, but it might be good to know the diversity around.

Thanks again.

Just thought of a further issue, which complicates things. Twitter shortens a hyperlink, and the shorter url constitutes the character count. So, where a link might be 16 characters, say, the shortened version (which you do not see until you publish) might only count 8 towards the 280 limit. I think this may be an insurmountable issue!

After reading and understanding your last posts, i have made a decission to create a new app for that purpose. For my "TextLimit" is is out of bound. (possibility to split-to-fit will be added here aswell)

Your needs, more "configurable" / "flexible" things: that has nothing to do with that project, just some basics match.

New project "kzTwitster" (name may change, was my first thought), will be born soon to fit your requests.


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