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KodeZwerg's TextLimit
Application Name TextLimit Version v1.1 Short Description Portable application to visualize a set limit on Text Supported OSes Windows Version History
* First public release.
* Added Hotfix.Author KodeZwerg

This application is a quick build that match my personal needs.
1. Set up limit number
2. Enter Text (or paste)

When limit is reached, text will be drawn in red characters.
Coloring and Statusbar updating only perform when you use Keyboard.

Additional I have implemented a quick and dirty password generator that also uses the limit.

TextLimit by KodeZwerg


- Based on an Idea from a user and an Application made by Vic aka PublicDomain from this Forum. Here is a link to his LimitPad.

 - i accidently made a mistake with cursor positioning, fixed
 - added a statusbar to inform you better (row, column, position, characters left)
 - Renamed application
 - fixed coloring when you delete text
 - Updated version number

Updated version in Post #1.
(Updated image aswell in post #1)


Positioning error:
When you entered text, all was fine, edit text inside text = cursor jumped to end of document.

Coloring error:
I forgot to recolor when you delete characters.

@KodeZwerg, thank you.

Could it be made Twitter-thread-generation-friendly? That would be very good!

In other words:

- set 280 characters, and type until text goes red
- delete characters to within 280 limit at a sensible point
- make a break to the next tweet in the thread (three dashes on a new line, or something)
- start typing the next tweet in the thread
- rinse and repeat until end of thread is reached.

Something like...

aaaaaaaaaaa [goes red at 281]


bbbbbbbbbb [goes red at 281]



Very possible to do (i planned doing such anyway)
My plan:
Add button 'split-to-fit'
Press that button my app will add at bottom another edit box, starting with first logical correct block.
Another button 'next' will add next logical data to that edit box until everything is processed.

Is that something to fit request or should workflow be different?

Good idea, and thanks. Just bear in mind that those who do Twitter threads:

- may want to start or end a given tweet with '...' or '1/10' or '1/x' to indicate that something further is happening
- prefer not to end a tweet mid-word, but rather in a place which beckons the reader on to the next tweet.

So there needs, I think, to be the possibility of the writer choosing where and how to break to the next chunk of writing. Automating it too much is unlikely to give adequate flexibility. is probably the biggest Twitter thread out there, currently, and I note that a writer:

- may start his tweet with numerals, or put them at the end of each tweet. or three dots, etc
- may want to use Twitter emojis. has tried to enable the creation of Twitter feeds, but somehow I have never got on with it.

Thanks for responding!


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