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Two : 1. GPS offline 2. Free Document Generator

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Osmand is good for roaming around using offline maps and it allows import of gpx and klm tracks
Worked well for me lots of times wandering around unfamiliar cities in Vietnam
-tsaint (April 22, 2021, 05:16 PM)
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I like initially this app very much.
but at the present moment I don't know how to upload a GPX route .
That's is the important question.
With google maps I can have offline maps for 24 hours. but the real thing is upload a route I can follow.

With Komoot and others (lika wikiloc) i can create my own routes . But I repeat that the interesting question is import , upload a route from the exterior in GPX format or similar.
Upload, by example, a route in wikiloc . I can download in my laptop or pc. So I need to be able to upload in any android app........

try downloading a track from wikiloc using gpx format. Then when asked about opening file, you would choose osmand to open it. I just tried it - worked easily.
Alternatively, google search:how to open gpx in osmand. You should see:
Download the GPX fils on your "Download" folder of your handset. You can also copy paste them on Android --> data --> net. osmand --> files --> tracks --> import folder. Go to Menu --> Configure Map --> GPX Track (Turn it on) and it will show all the GPX tracks that are in the Tracks folder on your handset.

I find Osmand a little slow for navigation, (probably not a problem for walking).

Another alternative:

* Install
* Go to Wikiloc and download your track in KML format, (Google Earth)
* When it's downloaded, go to files, hold your finger on it, and choose to open it with
* will load it and save under bookmarks, (the star in the menu strip)
* Open bookmarks and select it, will display it and automatically download the required map area

Trying everything.

Another way of interaction that can not fail is :

Any government page may serve. Covering the world better.

With the two features

Download maps for using offline
charge a track in the offline map

Another simple option :
Use a offline map with a track in paper or in a pdf to follow.
A good map fromo Google Earth may serve.

Any good goverment page from USA ?  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D   (not possible ....)


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