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BoomerangReplica *early access* by KodeZwerg

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KodeZwerg's BoomerangReplica
Application Name BoomerangReplica Version early access / Beta Short Description Translate input text to several languages and back to original Supported OSes Windows Web Page for now, only here as a DonationCoder special Download Link not available while early access System Requirements
* Bing App IdVersion History
* first preview, work in progress editionAuthor KodeZwerg

This application will translate given input into several outputs.
(see below image, input was english, translated to french, french translated to italian, italian translated back to english.)
It will auto-detect input text language.
You can also listen input text in several languages.

Standard test
BoomerangReplica *early access* by KodeZwerg
UniCode test
BoomerangReplica *early access* by KodeZwerg
Work in progress...
BoomerangReplica *early access* by KodeZwerg


Just extract archive and run.

Just delete my .exe

Known Issues
It is not the easiest part to figure out best settings for your system.
Program is not made to be run from protected folder. (This only affect the speak ability since it write a file.)

How to get early access
Private Message me your Bing App Id and you will receive a personalized version. <- If you having worries about that, message your opinion in here. I can take criticm  :Thmbsup: (my opinion = it should be a DonationCoder exclusive aslong testphase is not finished)
If you spread the .exe, it is your Bing App Id that might take damage.
Follow those instructions to get a Bing App Id for free.

When is public release planned
When I do feel safe enough to have most bugs terminated.
For now program work if you use it correct.
I am on to make it as stable as possible and auto-correct user made errors. (example, enter text in number fields, or not text at all.

I have added now two audio samples. Both say same text, but only one sound correct :-]

If I forgot to send you a copy of program, please let me know in here.
I do not often log in, just watch.


Just after posting all this and after days testing etc I was now able to full support UniCode to any direction!
(Updated image in Post #1)


Things that i want to have done before public version will be released.
Todo List

* have basic features working
* add full unicode support
* block usermade errors or
* jump with cursor to let user fix that
* implement "translate-before-speak it" feature
* either activate Bing App Id edit box or have a dialog pop up on first start....
* implement configuration file handling
* adjust "speak it" audio file location
* implement "bright" and "dark" theme
* maybe plan to save "speak it" files...
* stop application on server errors
* exchange short country names to long
* things that i have forgot to mention right now
Feel free to suggest me more.


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