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Limitpad - Notepad highlighting text after a configurable limit (v0.1.0)

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Do not think I am too dumb to program and use my own tool for that matter.
-KodeZwerg (April 21, 2021, 12:40 AM)
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Please don't get me wrong, I've not tried to suggest even anything near that, sorry if you think I did :huh:

In my humble opinion a program that limit text to a speficific character amount is made for such matter.
-KodeZwerg (April 21, 2021, 12:40 AM)
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Please elaborate, as I do not see any relation between a tool to gather text to be posted in a web form (as initially requested) and a password generator.
Any decent password generator tool has a setting for the length of the password(s), so using this tool to provide a password of a specific length feels counter-intuitive.


Hey KodeZwerg,
he's just giving his opinion -- you're allowed to have yours -- or change it if you want. But don't leave the thread because of it !

(also, please ignore this if you want  :-[ )

...all text you and me wrote...
-Ath (April 21, 2021, 06:29 AM)
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i am sorry, i did understood things wrong and reacted overheated. a good guy helped fixing that!

now i tell you why i wanted that feature:
i do use a widget that contain nice apps i regular use. that limitpad is a nice app i wanted to integrate. also i often need random password. his program would have melted two things i regulary need together.

i please you to not try convince me with our opinion, i felt like i was in a confrontation, my spelling skills are not that good to express myself better.

i do understand your opinion. and you are right. there are zillion of programs out there that can generate passwords.
please understand also mine. my widget also has limits, where i am always looking for quality applications that combine more than one feature.

lets be cool again, that is my wish.

(...i hope that was somehow okay...)

@vic, no need to implement my wish anymore. i recreated my project (formerly deleted my project after seeing yours). it fit perfect to my needs and no user-request is harmed since it is my own thing now :-]
soon i make it public within my realm downloads.
my changes in short:
only react to used characters, no colors can be choosen, dark and light theme, pw-generator
maybe i add a "split-to-fit" feature, so one main edit can be filled with as much text as you like, pressing a button would generate several sub-edits that hold text to match the limit.

have a nice day!


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