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BGGfetch - BoardGameGeek high-res image fetching


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(Coded as per Mouser's requirements)

Hi Guys, program's being reviewed by Jesse at this very time. First public release in sight :)


...While Jesse finishes validating the program on Windows 10, here's current pre-release binary.

Direct download:

Image (running on Linux, BGGfetch is cross-platform):

Requires .NET 4.5+ (Windows) or the equivalent Mono runtime.

Feel free to test & report :Thmbsup:


Hey! GitHub repo got a +1 star by "dcmouser" :)

Things seem to be flowing the right way!

Current feature-set for file is:

- Single window, tabbed interface.
- Supports multiple games (sequential fetch).
- Drop folder to directory text box.
- Remember window location and size.
- Remember last directory value.
- Remember horizontal and vertical separator width.
- Downloaded image saves as: FULL_GAME_NAME_FILENAME.
- Real-time counter for added and fetched games.
- High-res game image auto-zoom (resizable).
- PictureBox supports drag&drop of downloaded image file path (actual location on disk, not image).
- Always on top.

Pre-release download:


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