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Really tiny reviews for creating, organising, analysing and reorganising writing

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Since I'm not a screenwriter, I didn't consider the screenplay options. I'm aware that Final Draft has a nifty looking Storyboard attached to the venerable program, that looks like a creaker. (Though I'm also aware that one screenwriter uses Scrivener for all the plotting up to the writing stage!) All database programs, but with the formatting requirements of screenplays and the ubiquity of the PDX format, I'd probably stick with database myself.

I don't intend to look at all the software options here, but I did notice Prewrite which is a Plottr-like program for screenplays (novels apparently coming soon; poor old fact writers will have to get by as they can). Felt a bit rigid, and without outstanding ideas, but I did appreciate its Statistics view. I couldn't see anything automatic about it, but I have always liked tracking a variety of parameters cross timelines. Problem here is that they seemed to be predefined (I'll need to check that). In practice, input of the figures would likely be much easier into a spreadsheet which would give total flexibility and multiple graph views.

The Aeon Timeline 3 beta program is nearly at an end. I don't think they have sorted out prices or upgrades yet. I like the program and feel it is a considerable step forward in usability from v2.


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