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Feature request: UNC path support for override screenshot directory


Hi Mouser,

Thanks so much for all the effort you've put into this application. It's something to be proud of, to be sure!

As stated in the subject title, it would be such a useful feature if screenshots could be saved to an SMB/DFS share via UNC path. Mapped drives are a bit of a information management nightmare, so I avoid them where possible. So much so that I am considering implementing a Task Scheduler/Robocopy/PowerShell daily script to copy the locally captured screenshots to an SMB share!  ;D

Secondary feature request if unable to fulfil primary request: I wasn't getting any error messages when attempting to save the screenshots to the UNC path. It would be very useful if an error or warning appeared to advise UNC paths are not supported. My apologies if this feature exists and this is actually a case of user error (I don't think it is though as it works with a mapped drive to the same directory).


PS. For pertinence, I should mention that I'm using the portable version and the application files are located on the network share where I intend to store the screenshots.


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