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Remind me, Hate me, Thank me... open letter to me


Hello Donators, Members, English Teachers!

This topic is meant to:
- remind me if I lost contact to a project (I am often doing many projects at once, the ones that I personal like more, will be done first, I might have forgot the one or other)
- hate me: feel free to critism me, no trolling, stay social, thanks
- thank me: if you just like to say "Thanks" or "Hi" without referring to any special thread, do it

This thread should give everyone the opportunity to say whatever you like to tell me. No porn or other things that violates forum rules will be allowed.

(for reminders, please put a link to thread within post)

Thank me...
-KodeZwerg (May 02, 2021, 10:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for everything you do!

...whoa, you skipped "LOVE ME"!... Lots of Love @ you & yours K :-*)


 :Thmbsup: What he said!!


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