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Can't repair corrupt database


I have had a lot of problems with the database lately. When I copy text, it is no longer added to the database (but it is copied to windows clipboard). Sometimes it shows up in the database 1- 2min later.

The first (and second) time I tried "Verify, Repair, Optimize Database" I got a message that the database had an error and I clicked on OK to Backup and Repair.
The database was backed up, and the program was then not responsive for 20-40 sec. There was no message that repair was completed or that the database was repaired.

If I now again try "Verify, Repair, Optimize Database", the program again stops responding for 20-40 sec, but no more messages about database errors or that the database is OK.

However, copied text is still not added to the database....
Is there some other way to repair the database? If not, how do I create a new database? Do I just delete the database directory?

Clipboard Help+Spell v2.46.1 (Portable)
Windows 7 (64 bit)

To respond to my own post...
Restarting Clipboard Help+Spell didn't help.
However, restarting Windows helped. Works fine now, and database verifies.
Very strange.

Thanks for updating us, viking.
That is indeed very strange..
Whenever there is some problem accessing the database file it seems to be traceable back to an antivirus program locking the database file.  There are some options in CHS for where to store that file.  Changing that location and/or adding it to the list of excluded folders in your antivirus program might help if it happens again.

CHS also makes backups of your database regularly, so as a last resort you could restore from a backup.


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