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Ludum Dare 48: April 23rd-26th, 2021

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Ludum Dare 48 is approaching fast! It begins three Fridays from now.

To be honest, I'm not especially motivated to participate this time, but it's kind of historic in that it's the 48th event of that which used to be called "LD48" due to its origin as a 48-hour game jam before being rebranded as "LDJam" a few years ago. So I feel I can't miss out on being a part of LD48. That said, I've never actually done the 48-hour "compo" and have always participated in the more laid-back 72-hour jam. Anyway, this time I'll be participating in the 72-hour jam as part of a team once again, so that should lighten the load.

Right now theme suggestions are open. Anyone can submit up to 3 themes, even if they're not participating. You just need to register a free account to be able to do so. If you'd like to suggest a theme, you may do so here:

EDIT: My team made Let's Go Deeper for LD48.

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Ahhh good old memories come up by reading your post.
When I was much younger (from year 1990 around), a friendly competition named "Assembly" was held in Finland.
Created with dozens of other crews different type of things.
Modules (Audio, with sub-group of Format and Channels), Art (Graphic), many kind of size bounded Demos (my category).
I loved it with all same minded people around.
No one stared at you with a "wtf"-face when you talked binary instead of real language  :D
If I should guess, thats why I still think "size matters"  :-[

I really wish you alot of fun, no pain in fingers, lots of endurance and best of enjoyment possible!

LD48 begins in just over a week (9 days). Currently the Theme Slaughter is happening.

If you want to have some say in the theme for this event, then go vote. :)

It begins in less than 72 hours, and currently all 3 rounds of theme voting are currently open. Though I imagine they'll end soon and it will be time for the final round of voting.

Less than 48 hours until LD48 begins. The final round of voting is open:

The theme will be one of the following:

* Automation
* Containment
* Deeper and deeper
* Delivery
* Expansion
* Generations
* Hidden world
* Leave something behind
* Lost signal
* One time use
* One tool, many uses
* Parasite
* Shelter
* Split in two
* Summoning
* You are the power source


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