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Scrivener 3 for Windows released - Giving away a 50% off Coupon

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[Scrivener 3: Don't Use It Until You Read This!](
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Scrivener is a robust — and complex — piece of writing software. Intended as a one-stop solution for writers of all skill levels, Scrivener has a wide range of useful features… if you can figure out how to work it.


* Powerful app with helpful features for every writing stage
* Flexible interface users can tailor to their needs
* Free templates
* 30 day free trial


* Complex to learn
* More expensive than many other writing apps
* Newest version only runs on Mac
* Most users will only use a small handful of the features

For this (April 2019) review, the team at Reedsy has analyzed Scrivener with an aim to provide transparency and context. As a network that has helped authors publish over 10,000 books, we know the different needs authors have and are able to provide context for what features are the most useful, as well as what kind of writers would benefit from them.

If you want to cut straight to the chase and find out if Scrivener is the right writing app for you, we recommend taking our 30-second quiz.
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entered, we have


rolling a d3 we get - 1.

sphere, I'll PM you the code!

Wonderful news for a rainy Saturday!  Thanks for creating this raffle!


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