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Cannot claim free space in C:\

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Run WizTree, when it's finished, drill down on the left side to the directory that's using the most space, then take a screenshot of the WizTree window, (including the right side), and post it here ... because atm we have no idea what we're dealing with.

It could be 150GB of AVIs, 130GB of old Windows patches, 160GB of VM VHDs ...

eg. Cannot claim free space in C:\

Largest thing I've got is Docker's VHDX.

A suggestion, never, ever download stuff to your C drive. Microsoft might think this is the greatest idea on Earth, having a single drive in which everything is stored in a directory tree from Hell but it isn't, it's a shit idea.
(I'd expand it to anything that's not the OS you don't have on C unless absolutely necessary.)

BTW, to bypass the Recycle Bin use Shift+Delete.

If that helps, here it is.
I don't know where the error is starting.
chkdsk c: /r too doesn't work.
I open cmd prompt as an administrator and it did restart and completed the chkdsk process.
But still no improvement.

It looks like you have lots of stuff in Downloads. It's perfectly fine to save things there if you want, however you don't want to clog up your C: drive.

Right click on Downloads and go to Properties and click the Location tab. Use the Move button to change the place where Downloads points:

Cannot claim free space in C:\

If you're going to save videos in Downloads, best to move it away from C: if you can.

I don't think changing the download location could magically claim lost space in c:\
Thank u for ur time and concern.

I don't think changing the download location could magically claim lost space in c:\-hulkbuster (March 30, 2021, 11:41 PM)
--- End quote ---

its not going to recover any space, but its going to stop taking up space, ie the top 9 video files are nearly 40Gb so downloading to a different drive (DISK!) would be an immediate saving.

you also appear to have a bunch of game stuff there, so moving that to another disk (if you can, they don't HAVE to be installed to C:) would help clear up a bit more space

Deleting stuff you don't need anymore is a good habit to maintain, eg video's you already seen, games you're not playing any more, etc.  YMMV but using one of those uninstaller apps (I use REVO, but there are several others) can be helpful when removing redundant apps or games cos they can clean up a lot of the cruft the regular uninstall routines can leave behind.


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