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Looking for alternative script to search site

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NOTE: This was all written on a tablet, tables would have looked better but editing on a tablet is painful to say the least. (It actually looks better in Preview than Posted.)

So basically, if Presearch is selected, then this is the part i would use
to replace Google's?-dantheman (March 30, 2021, 02:04 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not even that much, ->, everything else is the same.

Don't look at the JavaScript, look at example search URLs from the search engines themselves:

--- ---https://          /search?  (Google - original)
https://    /search?  (Presearch)

--- ---https://     ?  (Google - original)
https://                ?  (Qwant)
https://           ?  (DDG)
https://   ?  (Startpage)

The second section in each case is the minimum that needs changing.
All other sections of test searches on the engines are identical.


* I removed unnecessary crap from the example URLs, eg. setting strings, tracking, etc, so all are the minimum that are required for them to work.
* is in the bookmarklet.
Did use 4wd's last script and it isn't responding.
--- End quote ---

I tested all four of the ones I changed and they all worked for me. The Presearch version in the last post was a copy/paste of the previous, which was copy/paste out of my browser, (Opera).

@4wd - thanks again, you have been more than patient!!

First try was with Vivaldi (still doesn't work after third verification).

Just tested with Firefox and your script works just fine there.  :)

Wonder why initial Google script works with Vivaldi but not yours?  :huh:

First try was with Vivaldi (still doesn't work after third verification).-dantheman (March 30, 2021, 06:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Just tried the Presearch one above in Vivaldi, (Vivaldi   2.9.1699.4 (Official Build) (64-bit)), and it worked OK - had to double-click the bookmarklet.

2.9.2218.49 here.

The odd thing is.
Tried on Brave browser with both Google and Presearch and neither worked.
Then went over to M$ Edge and both went well.  :(
Btw, both Brave and M$ Edge already have a functioning version of the "Google" script.
I'm just stymied about this incoherence.

Think i might start studying DuckDuckGo's ways of searching as it is a cross-browser option.

Ghacks just tickled my curiosity:


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