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Idea: ScreenshotCaptor QR-Code Scanner


Hello mouser,
a little and hopefully usefull Idea: Extend (Rectangle grab) or add feature to scan/evaluate a QR-Code.

That would be nice.

(for example a new notifiyicon entry -> QR-Code wich result in an evaluated textbox)

Maybe this link help if you ever plan to support my request.

Thanks for watching.

Seems like you have the basis of something in your RaptureReplica. It seems like it would be out of place in ScreenshotCaptor, personally.

It seems like it would be out of place in ScreenshotCaptor, personally.-wraith808 (March 20, 2021, 09:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

That's nice that the tastes are different. I personally do not use RaptureReplica at all, that was just made by a request.
When I want to take a Screenshot I do use the state-of-the-art #1 product on the market. Take a guess what that could be.
Having QR readout capability within the product that start with my system would just be a cool addition in my humble opinion.

Before other say that stable QR software exist, that I know. I do not need advise for other products.
But guess what other products actual do to "scan" QR data.... exactly, they do a Screenshot.

My wish was to have it in SC integrated.

I am sorry that you feel bad if SC would have such inovative feature and maybe Mouser is with you (still no reply, he is always so busy helping others  :-*)

Some wishes will stay wishes.

Sorry for bad spelling and sentence errors.


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