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Backup my posts in any forum

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Specially when the forum is not yours.
An administrator trying to help has ruin an important work with many links in a forum.
So I would like to know if I can take a security copy of my posts in any forum.
I am downloading a HTML editor VNU to try to help.
Best Regards
 :-* :P

Httracks may serve to my purpose ?
Is the program I remember I can use to download a complete web....

Someone knows this program ?
I lost the connection for several seconds and seems in an not ending loop....

Last a lot. Can I select only one post ?
I imagine I can select one subforum too....

Anyone use it ?
 :-* :P


or the long version:
right-click the page and click Save As...
and overwrite any previous backup

-on each and every page that you post on.


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