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IDEA Folders 2 Folder based on Files 2 Folder by Skwire


I have used Files to folder on numerous occasions and it is very efficient at what it does, and seems to have many of the elements of the idea

I am in the process of restructuring how store some of my data, but it means re-structuring thousands of folders.
I need to be able to select a group of folders instead of files, and put them into a new directory in the same path location.




All Folders are prefixed by a plus "+".
EXISTINGFOLDER name will always be the same
The bracket "[ ]" Content of the source could be any 3 or 4 character alpha numeric, but he alpha will always prefix the numeric.
There is only one occurrence of brackets in the folder name, and it is always at the far right.

The new +NEWFOLDER bracket contents will always be a "C"

Either the user should be offered the option of providing the new "+NEWFOLDER [C]" name as in Files to Folders.

Or even better extract the complete new +NEWFOLDER name from the first +EXISTINGFOLDER name of the selected group and replace the bracket contents with "C".

Thanks for your help. If you need clarification, please let me know.

Hi there magician! Just opened the repo to make this release :)



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