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Replicate an index in a pdf from bookmarks

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I have a pdf with bookmarks.
I usually open with the bookmarks activated.

I would like :
Create one or more pages in the pdf with an index at the beginning or at the end of the pdf from the bookmarks indicating the page number in the index

Suppose i have three bookmarks :

Chapter 1
chapter 2
Chapter 3

Then I will have a new page in my pdf with the index


Chapter 1 .........                       2
Chapter 2..........                     80
Chapter 3..........                     122

that is !
How can I automate this with a pdf editor ?

Choose your destiny.

It wont hurt to read a bit, decide on your own what fits.

Please forgive me for my cheekiness, but a little initiative or self-effort can really do no harm.

The good thing is, your language is shown on top  :-*

I think is not so easy. I have tried in the past.

Even with youtube videos.
Acrobat DC don't seem to have the answer.

At the present moment I prefer the minimum effort with the maximum support and prior knowledge. I am againsta the google ruling answer.  :-\ :-* :P

This links show what I need.
I will study better....

I need a plugin !!!!!!!!!!!!


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