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URLister thread (v0.4.0)

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URLister v0.4.0

Download & info:

Usage video:

Enjoy! :Thmbsup:

Coming along nicely, Vic.  Glad to see you are still working on URLister.

Possible enhancements, but not absolutely necessary:

1)  Appears to be a 'GLOBAL' macro' built into URLister, affecting certain keys (shift-a, for instance).  If so, that should be documented within the program.  With ability to shut off.  And, perhaps, reconfigure.

2)  Allow dragging a FOLDER of shortcuts/desktop links in.  Default is to include just the shortcuts in the top level of the dragged-dropped folder.  But, perhaps offer option to recursively find all shortcuts within the entire folder hierarchy.

3)  Add to CONTEXT MENU in main screen (where URLs are), "Save As...", to a text file, entire list of URLs loaded.  With some default subdirectory where .txt file will be saved.  (Default could even simply be to program directory where Urlister.exe file resides.)

As discussed before, I would use a macro program to run URLister.  Macro would be set up to:

-- click to next URL
-- close open browser tabs, other than current tab (the one just opened)
-- position mouse cursor optimally for next step of process

Thus, in my case, no worries that so many tabs get opened.  They will be gone with each iteration of URL opening.

But, others will complain.  New tab, new tab, new tab....  yikes.

Bottom line at this point, I feel URLister is an improvement over 'Flem', my present URL list opener (Waterfox extension, now discontinued).

Well, keep up the fine work!!


I like that URLister maintains the state where you have left off....

I'm downloading files...  Long list...  Didn't get done, of course...  So, close URLister, wherever I happen to be in the list.  Go away, go to bed.  Come back.  Open URLister.  Pick up right where I left off.

Hope that stays in the program.

Vic, occasionally when clicking to go to next URL, I'm getting the error message below.  Using Edge, by the way.

URLister thread (v0.4.0)

Vic, occasionally when clicking to go to next URL, I'm getting the error message below.  Using Edge, by the way.
-nkormanik (March 23, 2021, 04:32 PM)
--- End quote ---

Hi there Nick!  :)

* Is the browser still visible (i.e.on screen) when the error happens?
* Does it happen when you have the "close browser" checkbox ticked?
We can debug this :Thmbsup:


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