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Copying internet pages with images on Android


This never used to be a problem. I was aware that some programs wouldn't include images in a pasted page, but the Evernote web clipper worked reliably. That's no longer the case - the web clipper can take ages before I can see what it's done and often gets stuck on sites requiring a login. Quick, easy and reliable it isn't. (Might be a browser issue I suppose but I need something to work whatever browser I'm using. I usually use Vivaldi. Retested - the Evernote web clipper worked in Chrome Canary this once at least, but copy/paste had same results as Vivaldi.)

So, I try Simplified View-Select All-Copy. That works in Gmail and Evernote and Dropbox Paper, but not in most note or document programs which skip the images. Markdown editors don't work, but neither does Joplin or Textmaker. Or Word or Docs.
Is there something I'm not doing correctly? Evernote works, which is good, but it's already multi-stage I'd rather avoid the extra steps involved in exporting it.

Of the second order copy/paste solutions, Paper looks like the best choice for me since it will export to markdown.

I'll need to check out the other Vivaldi settings,  but so far I've only got its own notes to save as pure text.

I've found that one of the problems is that many pages are only copied with links to the images rather than the images themselves, which is no good to me. I think I will just save everything as an image - good enough for most uses and they can always be further processed if needed. And I'll stop using Evernote for data capture, which implies not really using it at all. Which is fine because I hate the new version.


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