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Need Android Music Player, for Old People

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Stoic Joker:
Okay: follow up report from the old and slow.

Musicolet is freaking awesome!

Small, fast, Add free, local files only, and idiot simple! Absolutely perfect!

Another very nice, and EASY audiobook/mp3 player is Simple Audiobook Player

I put this on one of those teeny Unihertz Atom smartphones for the person to use for audiobooks and he absolutely loves it.  Those phones are full smartphones but about as big as a pager.  This Simple Audiobook Player has big buttons and is configurable.  No ads, either.  It's rather nice.  And the interface is big and clear with no glitz.

Stoic Joker:
The wife says Musicolet is a win … Me stop there..  ;) :Thmbsup:

Me probably use on Harley for Bike Week.


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