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flat file - with option to go to database - expense ledger


Steven Avery:

RIght now I am creating an expense ledger, needs a few fields like project, account, amt, date, note, with the ability to total. Maybe it will expand to link to external 'files'.  This could be a Windows program like Listpro, GS-Base, Filemaker, etc.  Or online like Airtable.  Or bring your own server like MYSQL programs.

There are various levels where this can be done. 

Zoho Creator even has an expense ledger template, and you probably can go fairly far free. So far I enjoy it the most, as simplest to run and go.

Correction:  It is AIRTABLE that has a nice starting Expense Ledger.

Your thoughts?

Sounds interesting.   When I think ledger I think spreadsheet.  Excel/Open office variants are vary powerful tools. I think this is one of the things airtable leverages.
This is not my area of expertise, but I am curious if you are familiar with Microsoft's Power BI, Power Query,  or Excels "get and transform data" features?  It might be nice inspiration, if you are not already familiar with it.  These are ways you can link, utilize and "transform" data from a  variety of sources.  It can be really helpful if you need to transform a flat cvs file.  Open source office applications have similar query features as well.

I believe Office 2013 has "get and transform" data as a addon (I think it is free)
Office 2016 and beyond have various flavors built in under the data tab.
Currently, Microsoft Power BI Desktop can be installed and used free locally.

There is a big move currently to be able to free and transform data from its silos. It is a good thing.

Steven Avery:
Thanks Sphere.

I used Airtable (Online) for the expense ledger, using their template, which I modified.  So far, fine.

And I used ToDoList (Windows) for a quick list of 11 Greek manuscripts (for the heavenly witnesses) and features.
One nice advantage to online spreadsheets, subfolders.

Now I am looking for one for a couple of hundred entries relating to Bible verse evidences.

Note this incredible review page for online bases.

Online Filemaker alternatives: Coda, Zoho, AppSheet, AppGyver, and more
Maria Korolov

Note this incredible review page for online bases.

Online Filemaker alternatives: Coda, Zoho, AppSheet, AppGyver, and more
Maria Korolov

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-Steven Avery (March 10, 2021, 07:20 AM)
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That is an impressive list.   Verry impressive.

When I think of flat, I think of plain text or as close to it as possible.   I avoid hosted SAAS solutions but I get I get the appeal of of these.

An airtable alternative that is open source is baserow.
I believe I have seen some similar products that use a git as the backend as well.

I have had my eye on anytype which has a similar look to notion.  After making a big splash there was some silence, but it seems to have picked up production.

Good luck on your search.

Steven Avery:
Very nice, thanks.  Baserow especially might be like an online Listpro or GS-Base (Windows). AirTable simplified.

One question.  ToDoList allows easy-peasy folding up subfolder.  So if you have 10 whatevers underneath, they can fold up.  I don't see this in Airtable. And in general, I think it would be one of the primary questions for any tool, online or Windows. Your thoughts?


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