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Start Menu mod

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Horst Schaeffer's other launcher, the menu-based  PopSel, ships with a ready-made System submenu, see screenshot.  Qsel doesn't seem to have one, other than shutdown options (though it should be possible to add more).

Having mentioned it, I thought I'd better try out Start Menu X  :)  It replaces the Windows Start Menu, though it lets you revert to that if you want to.  It's a lot nicer and more powerful than the Windows default, but it's, well, what did I expect, a Start Menu.  That means it points to the c:\Program Files\ and c:\Program Files (x86)\ subdirectory trees.  Some of my programs are installed in their own directories off c:, e.g. something like "c:\Programs\NoteTab 7\", and Start Menu X is  not as happy finding such as those.  I also have quite a few programs "installed" as if they were portable in subdirectories beneath "c:\NoInst\", and it can't find those at all (unless there's a way to add them I haven't found yet).  So, for a slightly different reason, I'm like you in needing more than one launcher.

In the course of testing, I found something I thought slightly odd, though it's Windows' fault, not Start Menu X's.  You know the Win+I Settings screen.  Start Menu X lists it as just that, Settings.  I was looking for it under the Windows Administrative Tools, Windows System, etc. menus.

In practice, I generally use PopSel for the programs I use most.  I have a few programs in Qsel menus, where I particularly want to group several programs together, though DC member skwire's Splat might be better for that.  Most other things I launch using Listary's "find and run" feature (I'm a big fan of Listary for other reasons too, mainly its ability to "steer" dialog boxes to where a file manager is pointing).  It also has keyword capability, so I can bring up the Listary box and type "blbi" to run BleachBit, for example, without further search.  It's a different way of working from menus, but one I like.  Mouser's "live search" program Find and Run Robot (FARR) with similar functionality is practically a religion on DonationCoder.

Start Menu mod


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