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Wonderful Mini Robot Wrestling Video


Wonderful mini robot wrestling video.  You can see here a real flavor of the artistic personality emerging in these robot art forms as the technology improves..  I think it won't be too many more years before we really fully transition from this stuff being dominated by engineering issues to being the playground for performance artists and we are going to be in for a wild ride..

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from stumbleupon

Carol Haynes:
I love the action of the orange one - it has a really natural movement and I especially like the flip up onto the feet from the back.

And another from the same page, battle-ball;

What's so great about them is they remind me of little robot children just learning how to move. Something I can picture from an Anime, actually. Some group of little creatures that have some intelligence but are still learning. They just sort of fall over sometimes lay there for a few seconds, then they get back up and continue dancing their way to the ball.  ;D

So cute! :-*

Carol Haynes:
The football isn't quite as satisfying as they all seem to fall over a lot - cute they way they get up again though.

A bit short but I quite like Thor takes up skateboarding ;)


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