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AppFolderIcon - Sets icon from .exe files on their containing folder (v0.2.0)

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Good day!

Hello Vic, sorry that I do not know those algorithms personaly but this is how i would do, maybe it help to evolve application.

If I would code such a tool, I would stick to a method called "Diff", as name suggest it would calculate (compare) how many contiguous matches a Item has vs "Folder-Name".
Highest match would win. If result for a folder would end with "no" or "same amount of matches found" I would pop-up selection box. In addition to complete it, I would add Button to readjust manual (if not already done).

(Diff can be more or less easily done via RegEx)

I hope this inspire you a little  :D

Hello & good day!  :)


Thanks for the inspiration! We've settled to use Ratcliff/Obershelp

@Kunkel & folks

First post has been updated with AppFolderIcon v0.2.0  :Thmbsup:


Hey this is amazing!  Thanks PublicDomain! 

My pleasure! :)

BTW You can call me Vic!  :Thmbsup:

...Guess I should have registered as PublicDomainVic from day one LoL

On the other hand, I may be "HarmoniousVic" soon...

Very nice -- "Vic" then.  Though "HarmoniousVic" has a nice ring to it! 


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