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Capture Only Grabs Upper-Left Portion of Screen

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Tried as many different settings as I could think of in Preferences.

No matter what, only Upper-Left portion of screen gets captured.  Around 70% of the entire screen.

Any suggestions?


Nicholas Kormanik

This happened to me recently --it was as if SC was being confused by the monitor dimensions.
What mode of capture are you performing that this happens?

Is it possible that this is related to having multiple monitors, and one is set at 125% resolution?

For sure it is related to this problem.
There seem to be two interacting issues/solutions.. So I have a beta that fixes one half of the problem, but then causes another half of a problem to return.
The two problems seem to be related to the program tricking itself about monitor resolutions.  So in the first problem, its not capturing the entire monitor sometimes; and in the second problem its zooming the screen when you do a region capture.

I think I can work on a fix this week and hope to solve this once and for all.

But I'd like to make sure I understand nkormanik's problem -- whether its happening on a normal window or workspace capture, or a selected region drag+capture operation.

Can you try this beta:
Download beta version (4.41.0 BETA) from here (or portable).


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