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Feature Request - Change (or enable user to change) directory


I don't like apps that create their own directories under my documents (or anywhere) as it causes lots of clutter, and that's not where such files (config, etc) are supposed to be stored. The %appdata% and %localappdata% directories exist for this very purpose, and so that's where Screenshot Captor and other programs should store their data. Then if the user wants to make a directory in documents, or anywhere else, they can, and SC will know where it is because that info will be stored in a consistent place: %appdata% or %localappdata%. Alternately, it could create and check a single registry entry for the path to its configuration, so if it's changed, the new location will be stored there, and it will always check there to see where it is.

I just found a third possible solution when looking into another program that does this. It uses a storage.ini file that's stored in the Program Files directory along with the executable and contains a single line with the path to store the config data.

Hi Vertigo.

You actually have some options with Screenshot Captor (and all of my apps).

Option 1 is use the portable version, which will keep all its files where you unzip it.

Option 2 is to edit the ConfigDir.ini file in the Screenshot Captor program files x86 directory, and tell it exactly where you want it to store your configuration settings, etc. (I think this is what you describe above in your third possibility).  All of my programs support this feature.

Thanks! That's exactly what I needed.



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