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Windows Explorer "File manager" Alternative

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Thank you all.   I am making notes of the other options, but  so far I have been pretty happy with Xyplorer. Using the Portable trial, but plan on purchasing it.   Interestingly enough, at first the preserve creation date did not seem to work.  This was after going into preferences and selecting the setting.  It would "appear" to not work when copying many files, but would work fine with selecting an individual file.  I consider this a user interpreting error.

It turns out that when you  select all, copy and then paste a large number of files from one pane to the other, it initially displays the current date. But after the copy process is completed, the creation date is switched/retained in the new file section.   

Leaving this here incase someone else is looking for the same function.

Currently working on copying several TB of files from hard drives.   Will see how it works with comparing and transferring in the coming weeks.


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